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USC vs. Utah State 1st Quarter Score: 7-0

USC takes the early lead at the Coliseum.


Fifteen minutes in, the Trojans are the only team on the board.

After an aggressive, effective first run for the defense, the Trojans forced the Aggies to kick a 38-yard punt, giving the Trojans premium field position.

Running back Tre Madden continued his excellent run, racking up 32 yards in the first period and recording his third touchdown of the season.

Penalties killed USU, as they had six penalties account for 39 yards. As the quarter waned, a field goal attempt by kicker Nick Diaz missed, shutting out the Aggies for the frame.

Chuckie Keeton was managed the first drive but had a 55-yard bomb to Joey DeMartino with Torin Harris giving suspect coverage.