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USC Football: Players Take To Social Media Before Game Day

Stephen Dunn

Just a few hours away from the opening kickoff between Boston College and USC, players are taking to social media to express their excitement, share interesting thoughts and even just vent about their thoughts heading into the third game of the season. One that could ultimately define the overall direction of the program: win, lose or draw on Saturday.

Zach Banner certainly understands how important an impressive performance will be for his Trojans, looking to break their early-season funk on offense. While high-motor players like Banner are amped up for the Coliseum clash, more experienced players also did not back down from dishing out words of encouragement.

Plans are full set for Saturday, and players understand what needs to get done in the closing moments before running out of the Coliseum Tunnel. One of which being stands two-way contributor Kevin Greene, who keeps to his strict regiment of activities before embracing Game Day.

While their backs against the wall following a disappointing loss at the hands of the Cougars, players recognize room for improvement but also remain rather confident about the tools they can offer each and every week. That being said, players are embracing the challenge of regaining their crowds trust, standing together as brothers on the field.

Time to gear up for what should be another jammed-packed day of College Football, beginning with the high-noon quest to climb above the .500 threshold, setting the ship rack back on track.