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Is there a Sense of Urgency?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's always tough to speculate about what goes on in the locker room during and even after the season.

When the season starts, we hear all the glowing details about how this team is better than last years team, how the leadership is better than it was last year and that the players are coming together stronger than they did last year.

I always pass that off as news written by those who need to paint a pretty picture to maintain their access.

All that being said, Dion Bailey thinks that this year it's now or never.

USC coach Lane Kiffin neglected to paint a slogan on Howard Jones Field this season, but that does not mean the Trojans are without a motto."It's now or never," safety Dion Bailey said. "I feel like it goes for the entire team. Either step up now or it's never going to happen."

Kiffin and some players said last year's 7-6 record is in the past, but it is clear the players feel like they must atone for a bitterly disappointing season."We have a sense of urgency," Bailey said. "This is the last chance for some guys."Bailey, a junior, is the only member of the secondary to wrap up a starting spot after playing linebacker the past two years.

What's now or never?

This team isn't built the way it was last year so what are the expectations for this year with less of a team.

Sounds like it is now or never for Kiffin.

I feel bad for some of these players. They have given their heart and soul and the staff has not lived up to their expectations.

Gonna be a long year.