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A Changing of the Guard

My seven years as founder and lead blogger on Conquest Chronicles is coming to an end

It's time…

I am going to be verbose here. Why not, it is how I have always been…why change now?

When I recruited to start Conquest Chronicles in July 2006 I had no idea what I was getting into.

I had built a friendship with Peter Bean, founder of SBN's Burnt Orange Nation who recruited me after I started a Blogger site called Cardinal and Gold. I remember it like it was yesterday because it was right after the birth of my daughter. My wife thought I was nuts to do this, but I juggled it at night between feedings and diaper changes after she went to bed.

I struggled that first year. I had never  "written" in this capacity before and basically had to learn it on my own while trying to make a name/voice for myself. I made some USC allies, my friend DC Trojan and Displaced Trojan (remember him) and I made some USC adversaries, College Football Resource (another one who dropped of the map) and HP (Chris and I are tight now so that's in the past).

Despite the struggles I soldiered on.

After a while I got comfortable and the site started to grow. Loyal members and friends like Frak, SoCal 1952, and some guy that used to call himself Locoweed have been here from almost the beginning. Their involvement continued to give me confidence.

Then there was the outright blog war with BN in Dec/Jan 2006/07…never been the same since with those guys. But it was for the best. That is a crazy story in and of itself.

Then I lucked out and recruited Joey Kaufman. Joey gave the site some needed and solid writing. He did a great job in bringing the perspective from on campus that DC and I could not get being in NYC and DC respectively. I knew Joey was short term as he was headed for bigger and better things but he was well worth it and even though I am old enough to be his dad I consider him a great friend.

But through it all though is my friend DC Trojan. Colin and I have built a solid friendship. Our families have socialized, we tailgated together last year at the Syracuse game and we keep in touch…not as much as I would like because of young families and the associated activities but I know I could and can always go to Colin to vent or bounce an idea off of. I could not have asked for a truer friend in all of this. Colin was there when I changed jobs (twice) and then started my own business last year.

He had my back!

He is and will always be the go to guy!

There are a few other people I want to recognize who have been an important part of the site at one time or another over the last 7 years…

USCLink - One of the very first members here. He had it tough. He went to 'SC, his parents went to UT Austin. How do you think that family was in Jan. 2006.

Signal to Noise - Wrote for the site briefly and we keep in touch on twitter. Colin and I had a great lunch in NYC a few years back. I could hang with him any day! He works up in Oregon for a TV station. A solid guy!

Laughing Stock - Wrote for us briefly as well. I had lunch with Mark on campus in his junior year. I keep in touch with him on occasion, he's in the Army.

Bix -  What can I say?!?! Bix is the conscience of CC!

DFW Trojan - We sparred a lot and had many disagreements but I respected him (where did he go?).

Frak -  As I mentioned above, Frak has pretty much been here since the beginning. I enjoyed having lunch with him a number of years ago in L.A. and he got me Carroll Shelby's autograph!!! I will cherish that forever!

SoCal 1952 - He is the other conscience of the site. He knows a lot about the LA sports scene. Love your tennis posts Paul. You need to start those up again!

Loco/Agrippa - Provocative, insightful and never afraid to back down. If he didn't make me laugh he made me think.

UCLADJ89 - DJ and I have a great relationship. I had dinner with his family in Chicago this past March when I was there on business. He is a class act and a great friend who doesn't let the rivalry get in the way!

If I missed someone I sincerely apologize. I am with you in spirit!

So whats the future?

My new business is at the tipping point to really take off. I have thrown everything at it to make it successful. It's close and I can't juggle the site and my passion for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Oncology to be effective at both.

I get it…blogging for a network like SBN is about production. Just like in sales, which is what I do. SBN wanted to see CC reach its potential. I recommended a couple of guys they should go after and they did. My only request was keep my publishing privileges for the occasional post….An emeritus position if it were.

Some of the names coming on you will recognize. I will allow the new team to make their introductions. It is now their show.

I will lay low and let the new team earn your trust (except for game threads where I will be heavily involved). It would be unfair to interfere otherwise while they are trying to get up to speed with OUR members and a new platform. At some point I will post up an opinion/commentary piece. That is my strength.

My email will stay the same and I won't give it up. I will still be on Twitter. I am always available if you guys have any questions.

I cannot thank you all enough. This has been fun, I have tried to be responsible in keeping you all informed. I will admit that at times, at least over the last two years, I did not do a good enough job. I wanted you guys to have a voice. I wanted you to push the envelope in your thoughts and opinions regardless of what others thought...even if it was politically incorrect for some.

I make no apologies….

You guys are the backbone of this site. The new team is lucky to have you, as there are plenty of other places on the web for you to go to express your feelings about all things USC. Without you CC would have gone dark long ago.

Other sites may have bigger membership, but this crew here on CC has stuck together through thick and thin! I would not trade our small passionate group for any of those behemoths for any thing in the world.

Thank you…You guys challenged me to be a better, if not a more patient person. I learned a lot.

I appreciate your loyalty over the years!


- Paragon SC -