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Jamie Squire

That is the theme that will dominate the discussion over the next few days.

It will come from all sides.

I said it last night and I will say it again...We have TWO QB's who have been in the program for two and a half years but they don't look like they have been here but for five minutes.

Are they just not that good?

Is the scheme too complicated?

Is the coach just not effective at developing his players?

These are all legitimate questions.

I get it that this was Kessler's first real game so you have to allow him to get a feel for a real game situation. Wittek really wasn't any better from his two games at the end of last season.

But it really was ugly...

The Trojans won the game, 30-13, thanks to a new and improved defense that held old buddy Norm Chow’s team without a touchdown until the final 30 seconds.

But Kiffin suffered another loss in the battle of public perception as his tandem quarterbacks Cody Kessler and Max Wittek combined to lead their offense to only one touchdown before the final minute.

Kessler rarely impressed while playing the first half and the first series of the third quarter, throwing for one touchdown with one interception. Wittek rarely impressed while playing the rest of the game, completing only half of his passes while getting sacked twice.

Both men suffered from the mistakes of offensive teammates who mirrored Kiffin’s indecision. It appeared that the equal time shared by the quarterbacks in practice gave the rest of the team zero time to get comfortable with either one.

Now lets not fool ourselves, the press is looking to hammer college football's favorite punching bag. I am not saying that Kiffin doesn't deserve criticism but I want to try to be level in knowing that Lane Kiffin is going to take some shots.

Even with all the positives we saw last night, the front seven on defense, the running game, some special teams, it is only going to get tougher as the season moves forward.

I have real concerns about WSU.

The USC secondary is going to be tested if the WSU QB gets time. I am not saying that WSU is Alabama, but they have to better on offense than Hawaii.

I want to say one thing on Marqise Lee. If he is not 100% then he needs to sit. He did not look like the Marqise Lee we all know and love. I can't put it all on the QB...not that fumble on the punt return. He simply was not consistent when the ball came his way.

Kiffin said last night that the team did not play well on offense.

No kidding!

So who is that on?

Now is not the time for soul is time for results!