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USC 30 - Hawaii 13 Post Game Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thank god for the defense. Outside of the late 60-yard TD pass...

Guess we concluded that most of problem was Monte.

Player of the game.....Devon Kennard.

Welcome back sir!!

Now for the offense.

So I guess the reason that no starter was named was because both QB's are clearly struggling. That is really perplexing after being in the program for two and a half years.

Kiffin was conservative in his play calling....not surprising.

There was no imagination or inspiration at all...not surprising.

The O-line still has issues with protection of the QB.The running game was actually pretty good tonight. It is hard to show case the best WR tandem in CFB if you can't throw the ball more than 10 yards.

Did Marqise Lee's Heisman campaign die before it got started? Yes, he made some catches but he fumbles a punt and he missed on some easy long balls.

Looks like there were no 2nd half adjustments....again.

Four turnovers and all we could get was 30 points? And that is with a Pick-6 by Josh Shaw, so really the offense could only get 23 points. Lots of penalties too.

It is easy to say it is going to be a long season...but are we really surprised?

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