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Still no word on a starting QB

Harry How

As the season opener against Hawaii nears Lane Kiffin still has not named a starting QB.

As I noted earlier in the week, it is either that Cody Kessler and Max Wittek are both that bad, not likely, or Kiffin is playing some sort of gamesmanship.

There are rumors that Kiffin is waiting to name Kessler but wants to make sure it is difficult for Wittek to transfer. That makes no sense to me. If a player walks a player walks. I am not clear of the ramifications on the timing but if Kiffin is waiting to keep Wittek from transferring I think that is a recipe for disaster.

Kiffin would then have a player on the team that would resent the game playing and that could upset the chemistry in the locker room.

Again it's all speculation at this point but with some of the things Kiffin has pulled in the past would we really be surprised?

The general consensus is that Cody Kessler is excelling but his two interceptions in Wednesday's scrimmage obviously didn't give Kiffin the conviction of naming a starter. Wittek ended up with a solid performance on Wednesday going 15-for-20 for 230 yards (1 TD). Kessler ended up with18-for-22 for 218 yards (2 TD, 2 INT).

Here is Kiffin after the scrimmage.

they got that going for them...

It is anyone's guess at this point.

Even Marqise Lee didn't have a clue...

But hey! At least the TMB got some Ice cream!!