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Still no movement in USC's QB Competiton

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to know what is going through Lane's head on this.

I thought he said that he wanted to name a starter during Spring Ball (I couldn't find the quote) with less than two weeks until the start of the season it is getting to crunch time.

I would think that this week Kiffin will start implementing the game package so he has to make a decision soon.

From the things I have read (on the boards) or from people I have talked to (who have been to practice) it seems that Cody Kessler is the one to beat. But again it is hard to know what Lane is thinking.

Here are some other observations...

Despite a scheduled departure for Honolulu 10 days from Saturday, Kiffin reiterated that there was no timetable for picking Max Wittek or Cody Kessler — and he once again left open the possibility of making no choice at all.

"We don't know when it's going to happen," Kiffin said after practice. "Ideally, we would not like to have two quarterbacks on opening day, but you never say never."

The suspense might be testing the patience of Wittek, Kessler and USC fans, but the quarterbacks said they arrived for team meetings Saturday with no expectation that Kiffin would announce a starter.

"I'm not going to lie," Kessler said. "When we first started camp you're kind of thinking, 'It's going to be now. It's going to be next week. It's going to be …'

"And then I was just like, you know, I can't do that because if I do that I'm going to drive myself crazy."

Kessler impressed on Friday by passing for 231 yards and three touchdowns, without a pass intercepted, in a scrimmage at the Coliseum.

From all accounts Kessler was the better of the two in Friday's scrimmage but that didn't seal the deal either...

Kiffin said the scrimmage was a poor indicator because Kessler got a lot more plays than his rival, Max Wittek.

``(The scrimmage) numbers got screwed up,’’ Kiffin said. ``Cody had a series go 15 plays and Max had four three-and-outs.’’

Kessler threw 28 passes while Wittek threw only seven and passed for 15 yards.

Yeah, but Wittek didn't get a first down...

Either Kessler and Wittek are that good and it is a tough decision for Kiffin or the opposite is the case with Kiffin trying to pick the lesser of the two evil's.

We all hope for the former...but what if it's the latter?

I have no idea how this is going to unfold and it would not surprise me if this gets messy.

Just like nails to a magnet.

Here is Kiffin's presser from yesterday.

- - -

Injuries are going to be key. This is nothing new.

Victor Blackwell was on crutches yesterday (knee), Marqise Lee is limited (shoulder) and Dion Bailey is day-to-day (hip).

I am fine with the contact Kiffin is allowing in practice.

Injuries happen.

I am more frustrated that by not signing a full class the injuries are magnified because of a lack of depth. I said this the moment the sanctions were announced that sooner or later it would catch up.

Some disagreed.

This season we will see just how it all shakes out.