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Kiffin Closes Practices

Going to be an interesting season

Stephen Dunn

Kind of hard not to see this coming after the all the drama last season (I'm looking at you Dan Weber).

But Lane decided to shut the doors...

The public might be allowed to attend a few training camp practices but Lane Kiffin said today practices would be closed to the media and public in the regular season. USC officials were unsure if the public might get a couple viewing days during the season but it did not sound like Kiffin wants too many people at practices.

Kiffin is nuts. But it is his show.

This is only going to turn the heat up hotter.

I frankly don't care...being in NYC, I hardly care about access but those with an axe to grind are sure to spin the grind stone harder and faster.

No excuses now Lane!

If the team doesn't perform after getting his way then he is out.

Here are a few tweets from the masses...

Arash is not Happy!

Except when the readers are tired of the constant negativity...just sayin'

Ryan is not happy either...