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Larry Scott attempts to grow a spine

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Scott is not happy with the NCAA and he is not happy with DirecTV.

Here are some of his comments today at the Pac-12 Media Day.

Scott and the Pac-12 Network don't seem to be hitting at DirecTV from a position of weakness. The new network turned a profit in its first year of existence and will increase the number of live events this year from 550 to 750.

The Pac-12 set up a website to explain how to drop DirecTV.

As for the NCAA, Scott outlined four "high-priority items":

  • Student-athlete welfare, including health and safety as well as full cost-of-attendance scholarships.
  • On NCAA governance, Scott said, "... it's time to acknowledge that one size does not fit all." Along this line, Scott believes that the the NCAA should lean more on athletic directors and commissioners when administrating college sports and less on college presidents.
  • Scott holds a dim view of NCAA enforcement: "It's fair to say confidence in the enforcement process is at an all-time low."
  • Finally, Scott believes one-and-done in college basketball should be ended.

Blah, Blah, Blah...

I get it that Scot wants to make some money with the Pac-12 network. I dumped it almost as fast I got it because I found it uninteresting.

As for the NCAA...

My own opinion is that Scott now sees the damage done to the pac-12 brand with a diminished USC. Especially with the pass that UNC, tOSU and UO have received. You know Miami will hardly get a punishment worthy of their long list of infractions regardless of the NCAA's attempt to manufacture we haven't seen that before.

Yes, Stanford Oregon and UCLA are on the rise but please...they are not the pedigree programs in football that USC is.

Too little, too late Larry. You could have backed USC publicly but you preferred to be another Emmert lackey.

Then again, you have heard all of this before.

It is an old record packaged in a new sleeve...