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Taking the high road

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is an interesting story in the LAT this afternoon...

A longtime UCLA athletics official resigned amid allegations that he "engaged in inappropriate conduct," the university said in a statement released Tuesday to The Times.

UCLA Associate Athletic Director Michael Sondheimer resigned June 27 after being placed on administrative leave June 3, the statement said.

CBS 2 reported that Sondheimer "attempted to engage children in sexual chats" online.

Sondheimer graduated from UCLA in 1977 and spent at least 36 years as a UCLA athletic administrator, according to a biography posted on the UCLA Athletics website. For decades he was in charge of the department's compliance with NCAA rules and UCLA guidelines on academic admissions and on-campus recruiting, the biography said.

Outside of this post I am not touching this.

It is best to take the high road. We have seen Nestor and his crew at Bruins Nation and other UCLA centric sites make a cottage industry of taking shots at OJ Simpson and some other USC players/alums for their transgressions. I understand crimes of passion, no matter how bad, and I get it that players or coaches will break some crappy NCAA rules.

This is different.

And we all know why.

Painting UCLA fans with the same broad brush would be easy. After all, UCLA fans have had no problem doing that to the USC faithful.

I am not doing that here.

This isn't about doesn't matter that the guy was once an assistant AD.

This is potentially bad, but lets presume innocence before guilt.

So, I am taking the high road.

I will not close the comments on this. If you feel the need to comment, that is fine. I will not shut that down, but lets use some common sense.

No matter how bad UCLA fans have treated USC fans for the transgressions of those associated with USC, I will not do that here.

I urge you to do the same.

So why did I post this?

That is easy.

No program is perfect, sometimes the shoe is on the other foot and people do some bad things.

Other will take shots at UCLA fans for this.

Not me...