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Pac-12 to limit contact in practices

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Pac-12 already on the lookout for above the shoulder hits, they have now decided to limit contact in practices.

In an effort to cut down on concussions, head trauma and other injuries, the Pac-12 Conference is establishing a league-wide policy to limit the amount of contact made during football practices beginning this season.

Commissioner Larry Scott said Monday that the conference will limit hits to numbers "less than what the NCAA permits," while many of the schools already have their own "self-imposed limits." Now, there will be an across-the-board rule in an effort to decrease head trauma and other injuries.

"In our discussions it became clear this is a topic our coaches are focused on," Scott said. "There is a high degree of awareness about it and a deep commitment to it. It was a high priority."

Details of how the conference will monitor each school's hits and contact are still being worked out. Scott expects everything to be in place by late July.

I am sure that Lane Kiffin will be happy about this.

This is obviously preemptive with what is coming down in the NFL. I mean its bad enough that the NCAA locks these kids down from doing anything to profit from the sport so they can very well send a kid out into the world with a diminished mental capacity because of too many hits to the head.

For once, I think this makes sense. If the conference is going to be on the lookout excessive hits then one way of decreasing them is to limit the hits in practice...but this only works if the proper technique is taught in practice.

Anyone think that is going on now?

Should be interesting to see how this all plays out.