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Pat Haden rallies the troops

Pulling out all the stops to take control of the Coliseum


Pat Haden wants to take control of the Coliseum.

After months wrangling and haggling it looks like USC wants to close this deal once and for all.

From the LAT.

This month, The Times reported that supporters of the California Science Center and the African American Museum said the plan would slash attendance and divert millions of dollars in parking receipts to USC. A vote by the California Science Center board is scheduled for Tuesday at the Science Center.

On Friday, in a letter to Trojan fans that was posted on the school's website, Haden wrote, "We believe we have reached a reasonable deal that benefits all parties involved. Despite what you may have read in the LA Times or hear from misinformed members of the public, this deal does not in any way hurt the museums in Exposition Park and in fact helps solve major financial problems looming over the Science Center should the deal not be approved."

Haden urged USC supporters to attend and speak at the hearing.

Everyone has an agenda.

Any organization affiliated with the state is going to side against USC. The school has big plans for a lot of the property surrounding the campus. The Coliseum is just one facet of the grand plan.

I think the school has the upper hand here. They have done just about everything asked of them while the corrupt city, county and state have not kept to their word or agreements.

I support Haden on this one and hopes he rolls them.