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The LA Times and NY Times file application to unseal NCAA docs

The walls are closing in!
The walls are closing in!
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

From Dan Weber...

The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have filed an application to intervene with the California Court of Appeals asking that the appellate record in the Todd McNair vs. NCAA case be unsealed.

Acting on behalf of the two major media organizations, the law firm of Davis, Wright Tremaine, considered the nation's top media law practice with more than 500 attorneys in offices from LA to San Francisco, from Anchorage, Portland and Seattle to Washington, D.C., New York and Shanghai, filed both its request to intervene along with a 7,039-word argument that, with its extensive exhibits attached, totals 227 pages.

Included are 18 pertinent articles on the USC/McNair/NCAA case -- three from, as well as 29 federal and state law precedents that the attorneys for the two media organizations argue show that there is no way material filed with the court in this case should be kept out of view from the general public.

You can read the full 227-page application here.

While this needs to get out for all to see, I think we are far enough down the road that there will be very little relief if the documents show malfeasance by the NCAA. I have no doubt that they do indeed show that, but what does USC get out of it at this point?

Haden has said there will be no lawsuit...and even if the USC BoT decide to sue it could take years for any meaningful results.

I understand that by releasing the Documents it could give all of us a sense of moral victory but it won't help us on the field, especially if we still have Kiffin as the HC.

Success on the field is all that matters at this point.

Mark Emmert and his crew can't be any more shamed or embarrassed after the handling of the Miami situation. The USC situation could add insult to injury but nothing more than that.

I won't deny that I will enjoy reading the documents, if released, but I don't expect anything to come of it to help the team on the field.

It should be an interesting set of oral arguments!