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UCLA is "Linebacker U"??

Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE

Now this is funny!

UCLA isn't close to be being "Linebacker U" in all of D-1 let alone in the city of Los Angeles.

The traditional "Linebacker U" schools trump it. UCLA has produced the same number of 1st round linebackers (2) as Penn State since 1980. The comparisons end there. Penn State has produced more than twice as many top three round picks (15) as UCLA (7). Their track record doesn’t compare to Miami (14 in 1st-3rd, 5 in 1st), Ohio State (12, 5) or Alabama (11, 7).

However, to entirely disprove the premise, one need not leave UCLA’s 20 mile radius. Crosstown rival USC has had 15 linebackers chosen in the first three rounds since 1980. Nine of those were chosen in the first round. Six of those were chosen in the Top 10. UCLA can push forward Ken Norton Jr. USC can counter with Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews and Lofa Tatupu, just from 2005 onward.

Is this Junior's way of trying to make his own statement? Maybe trying to say the monopoly is over?

Anything for attention I guess.

UCLA wouldn't even be on the front page schools with top Linebackers....Norton Jr. is the only one and he has pretty much disowned the program after Slick Rick ignored him.

But while we are on it, this post from the mother ship does great job of breaking down positions, teams and where players have been taken over the years in the NFL Draft.

I know USC is struggling right now, but you can't deny Mora has done a decent job in his first year...I mean, he did beat USC. But Junior doing this is like something Kiffin would pull from his past.

Speaking of Kiffin Read the paragraph in the BigLead article.

Over/Under on Kiffin doing something stupid with this?