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Matt Barkley Zings Adam Schefter

Stephen Dunn

So Matt Barkley signed with the Philadelphia Eagles last week. So, of course someone was going to make a comment.

You can look at the tweet below one of two ways.

1) Barkley is getting that Philly sense of humor or 2) Barkley is over sensitive with his faring in the NFL draft.

I laughed at this when I read it.

I have never been a real big fan of Schefter, so Barkley dropping the political correctness and shooting one across the bow of Schefter to me is fine. On the other hand, it is hard not to see Barkley's sensitivity in his plummeting in the draft...that is just human nature, especially when clowns like Shefter touted Barkley the previous year as a top 10 pick.

I have been on record that I didn't think Barkley was a top pick because he didn't improve like he should have as a 4-year starter. Regardless, he owes nothing to anyone for wanting to stay the extra year and enjoy the college life. If cost him the wallet then so be it. Guys like Schefter have a job because of the insatiable appetite the fans have for the NFL. But one these days he will bite the hand that feeds a little too hard.

I hope Barkley lights it up in Philly!