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Concern Trolling USC's QB History

When will the press throw this guy under the bus??
When will the press throw this guy under the bus??
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You can tell its the off season...

You have to shake your head at some of these knuckle heads in the press.

The lack of production of USC's quarterbacks in the Super Bowl have the concern trolls out in full force.

Pete Carroll was asked a simple question: What happened to Matt Leinart in the NFL? Why did his career crash and burn?

"Stupid question," Carroll said with a smile.

Carroll was at the Indianapolis scouting combine, in a corner of the RCA Dome, and launched into an impassioned defense of Leinart and, then, another USC quarterback, Matt Barkley, who would later fall in the draft at terminal velocity into the fourth round.

I find it amazing that people don't use common sense (or basic research) and at least try make an article balanced....but then it wouldn't be controversial if they did.

My friend Brdcstr blows the doors off this one...

"This statistic is one of the more damning for the Trojans. At least 15 times that group of USC quarterbacks won either a national championship (outright or share), a Heisman or made a Rose Bowl appearance. None won a Super Bowl and only a handful made the playoffs."


Currently, there are...

120 FBS teams
125 FCS teams
149 Division 2 teams
236 Division 3 teams

Of those 530 colleges that play football (if you want to claim that UCLA plays football), only 26 different schools have produced winning Super Bowl QB's.

I'm no math major, but even I can tell you that percentage is only marginally lower than the IQ of the guy who wrote this article.

it's no secret that USC hasn't produced a high amount of quality NFL QB's...but the list of schools that DO is shorter than the amount of inebriated pot smokers suiting up for Oregon on the average Saturday in the fall.

As I said in that thread....WELL PLAYED SIR!

Much ado about nothing.

This article just goes to show you that USC still moves the us or hate us.

I wait with baited breath for this clowns next article.