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Matt Barkley News


With the NFL draft in the rear view mirror stories are starting to to come out about the reactions to the draft.

Obviously Barkley's slide was the big news...

Here are some links.

Matt Barkley's NFL draft tumble just part of process - ESPN
When something seemingly loud happens, we can't help but stare.

Barkley’s fall is Eagles’ gain - The Register-Guard
The quarterback’s fall helps Philadelphia and Chip Kelly, which rated him in the top 50

Who Crowned Matt Barkley?
There has been some buzz since the Eagles chose Matt Barkley in the fourth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday, as you might expect. For one it defied many of the preconceived notions people held about what works in Chip Kelly’s offense. Also, had Barkley departed USC one year earlier, he might have been a far more heralded prospect, perhaps even a top 10 pick.

The Linc - Matt Barkley & Chip Kelly's plan - Bleeding Green Nation
What Matt Barkley and the Eagles' Offseason Say About Chip Kelly's Plans - The Triangle Blog

Matt Barkley returned to USC Trojans without insurance, sources - ESPN
Matt Barkley returning for his senior year at USC could have cost him more than $11.5 million.

Carson Palmer: Eagles got an 'absolute steal' in Matt Barkley -
Former USC quarterback Carson Palmer believes the Philadelphia Eagles got a steal in the fourth round of the NFL Draft with Matt Barkley.

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As you can see, some are positive, some not.

Hopefully Matt Barkley has a fire in his gut to prove everyone wrong!