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Pac-12 calling for an "independent" investigation of the Ed Rush incident

Why did it take this long?

What, me worry??
What, me worry??
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Keystone Cops running the Pac-12?

Of course Ed Rush's comments need to be investigated...especially with off the record comments that came out when Rush resigned.

The Pac-12 will commission an independent review of officiating during the league tournament after comments by the conference's former coordinator of officials raised questions about its integrity.

The league announced Tuesday that the review will be done by "experts who are entirely independent of the Pac-12 Conference." The investigation is expected to be completed by June.

Can Larry Scott have anymore egg on his face?

I mean Scott did say that Rush's comments were not a fireable offense...only to have a number of other officials criticize Rush off the record. I would have stayed off the record as well once Scott tried to show it was not a big deal.

What a train wreck.

Maybe we can get some answers on the Stanford clock operator from a few years back while we are at it.....