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Andy Enfield looks to hire Tony Bland

With Cantu not being retained Enfield looks to build his staff with a stand out coach from SDSU

Victor Decolongon

Rumor swirled yesterday that new USC Basketball coach Andy Enfield hired SDSU assistant Tony Bland to the staff.

Bland denied the rumor...

SDSU assistant Tony Bland is interviewing with USC for a spot on Andy Enfield’s coaching staff, according to sources from San Diego and Los Angeles.

This comes after Bland, the sources said, turned down advances from UCLA and Steve Alford earlier in the week. Alford reportedly has since filled his staff.

Bland, who is in Atlanta for the Final Four, declined comment other to refute reports that he had already accepted the job. "Not true," he said via text.

While it would appear that Bland did talk to Enfield others were quick to point out that no agreement had been reached.

It is not surprising that Bland is a hot commodity, he is seen by some as the best recruiter on the west coast.

The other rumor on the boards is that Enfield also made and overture to Pepperdine assistant Jason Hart.

If these hires turn out to be true then Andy Enfield is well on his way to assembling a top flight staff.

Guess we will see...