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Pac-12 head of officials Ed Rush Resigns

This needed to happen...

Three Ring Circus...
Three Ring Circus...
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There was no way Rush was going to survive this....not if the Pac-12 wanted to hang onto what little credibility it has left.

And from the looks of things it was getting ugly...

Officials confirmed that Rush went into the meeting before the UCLA-Arizona game and was banging a chair up and down, demanding the officials perform at a higher level. And then, according to the officials, Rush hurled a boxed lunch against the wall after the game, nearly hitting one of the officials in the head.

"It was absolutely a form of bullying," one official said.

One official said the officials were worried if Rush had stayed on that their credibility would have been called into question because of the perception that he was telling them what to do.

"The integrity of the game was being messed with," one official said. "There is stuff you don't do. There was no joking about it. He was managing by intimidation."

Another official said officiating was hard enough, but their integrity being called into question would make their jobs even more difficult next season.

That Rush lasted this long is an embarrassment.

Pac-12 officiating is bad enough without having this sort of "scandal" hanging over the conference.

Larry Scott does not get it.