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The Fate of Mark Sanchez

Rumors fly that the Sanchise may be on the way out of NYC

Greener Pastures?
Greener Pastures?
Nick Laham

You gotta love the mess that is the New York Jets. These guys can't get out their own way.

We can discuss from time on end the struggles of Mark Sanchez the past few seasons. One thing I won't do is rehash Mark's departure from USC. The perceived issues that Pete Carroll alluded to went out the window when Sanchez went to his second straight AFC Title game. After two seasons in the league I have a hard time justifying Sanchez staying for another season at USC. Though the way the dominoes have fallen may have had an affect on this years draft with respect to Matt Barkley.

But that is whole other discussion.

Mark Sanchez has to take some blame. He hasn't progressed since those first two seasons. Part of that is a head coach who has little interest in coaching offense while setting up a revolving door of OC's. Part of it is dysfunctional front office who didn't replace the offensive weapons and O-line protection when they should have and then did the same on defense.

Bringing in Tim Tebow was a total waste of time and a distraction.

For everyone!

Though, as much as I dislike him, I would agree with Mike Mayock that Sanchez should grow up...competition is part of the game. If you want to keep your job find a way to not be distracted...especially from the likes of a Tim Tebow.

How is anyone threatened by a guy who shouldn't be under center?

Go out and do your job and laugh at your front office/coaching staff as they flail in making these weird decisions. Don't worry about the flow of the game changing by rotating QB's. Make the smart throws and pay attention to the opposing defense and things should be OK. Yes, with that sieve of an O-Line expect to be on the run or on your butt at times, but keep on fighting and don't sulk.

These idiots can't even get their stories straight...

Idzik was fully aware of the financial ramifications of cutting Mark Sanchez long before Smith fell to the 39th overall pick last Thursday. The Ivy League-educated GM knows it makes no fiscal sense to cut a player that will count $12.35 million against the cap this season and $4.8 million next.

However, Idzik’s refusal to give Sanchez, the wayward quarterback whose days as the starter appear over, any public assurance that he’d even be on the roster when Organized Team Activities start in a few weeks was puzzling. Rex Ryan gave no promises beyond giving Sanchez the first snap in practice when the second phase of the offseason program begins this week.

The Jets are ultra-sensitive to circus references these days, but what competent franchise would seemingly agree to keep Sanchez a few months ago only to do an about-face because a talented — but flawed — quarterback fell to them in the second round?

What a clown show!

Rex Ryan is a clown and the Jets are a joke! I live in a Jets household and even my wife is disgusted with these clowns.

Mark Sanchez leaving that crap organization might be the best thing for him and I hope he does. He has his money and will be comfortable well into retirement.

It may sting if they let him go (not likely with the cap hit) or if they trade him but sometimes a change of scenery does one good.

Jets fans deserve what they get if they think Geno Smith will come in and take the job from Sanchez. If Smith really is the future then they better nurture him correctly. No second round pick is a franchise changer. The Jets couldn't get out of their way in the draft taking to defensive guys knowing they needed offensive line and skill position help. So if they think Smith will get them to the promised land they are fooling themselves. That doesn't even address the multitude of QB's currently on the Jets roster.

Someone is getting cut...period.

Sanchez is not blameless but it's not like the Jets have lived up to their end of the deal on the personnel side of things.

I am not buying into all this crap about USC QB's being busts. If teams that drafted those QB's had the equivalent NFL talent Those QB's would be rock stars. But that isn't how it is...welcome to life.

Give Sanchez some protection and a couple of weapons and he could be pretty productive.

I am not seeing that happen and if the Jets let him go that might not be a bad thing...I will support Sanchez no matter what happens.