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The Blame Game

Steve Dykes

Matt Barkley had some interesting comments today about this past season.

"Yeah, I’ve thought about it long and hard," Barkley said. "I learned how to handle adversity last season, and maybe I could have done a few things differently. I could’ve had a bigger voice, given more input and taken it to the next level — pretty much as the owner of the company might … not just letting things happen."

"You put faith in your coaches, but when you see trends, things not happening the right way, and when the team rests on your shoulders, it’s almost like you have to step up. You can’t just let these things go by and watch them disintegrate in front of you. You’ve got to put the glue in somewhere. Looking back, I wish I’d been more forceful."

I don't know why people won't leave sleeping dogs lie.

We know Kiffin had his issues this year. But Barkley is hardly blameless.

Kiffin's play calling was tedious throughout the year but Barkley made some mistakes that a four year starter should not be making.

I know Woods had some comments as well (allegedly taken out of context).

But here is the rub...Kiffin helped Barkley, Lee and Woods have some excellent years together. Woods and Barkley broke some records under Kiffin. Lee also benefited from Kiffin's single-mindedness in trying to pad his numbers.

Kiffin's benevolence seems to have led to some hurt feelings.

I am not interested in who is right here because there is plenty of blame to go around for last seasons ugly results.

I am happy for Barkley and Woods heading to the NFL. I really want to see them flourish. I hope Lee has a great season with a new QB at the helm and go out a winner (he isn't staying after this season) and we all want Kiffin to succeed but reading this just doesn't smell right.

Off season drama.............[[[[[sigh]]]]]