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Andy Enfield adds Kevin Norris to his staff

Victor Decolongon

Andy Enfield reportedly brought over one of his assistants from FGCU...

Gary Parrish of CBS reported Tuesday that Florida Gulf Coast University assistant Kevin Norris will join former Eagles coach Andy Enfield's staff at USC.

Norris, 38, was with Enfield for both FGCU seasons as the Eagles went 41-28 overall and into this year's Sweet 16.

Whatever Enfield see as best.

As an aside, here is a nice write up on Enfield by CBS' Gary Parrish.

There are few guarantees in college coaching. Let's be clear about that. But Andy Enfield seems like a great bet for USC basketball for the same reasons Hugh Freeze was a great bet for Ole Miss football -- because Enfield has been successful at everything he's ever done, and I think there's something to be said for that.

I made the same point about Freeze when Ole Miss hired him in December 2011, after just one year as a Division I coach. I noted that, yeah, maybe it was a reach, a stretch, whatever. But I told everybody I know -- I live an hour from the Ole Miss campus, so this conversation happened often -- that Freeze's consistent success as a high school football coach, a high school basketball coach, an NAIA coach and a Sun Belt coach should not be discounted.

Lots of positive buzz.

Now we need to land some top recruits!