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Trojan Alum Cynthia Cooper-Dyke Named USC Women's Basketball Coach

Welcome Home!

Busy Bee!
Busy Bee!
Victor Decolongon

Mr. Haden has been a busy bee the past couple of weeks.

The Ladies hoops position has now been filled.

Texas Southern women's basketball coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke has accepted the job at her alma mater Southern Cal.


"She had our blessing to go after the USC job," TSU athletic director Charles McClelland said. "It says a lot about where this university has come from in the last five years for one of our coaches to be able to take that transition from Texas Southern University to the University of Southern California."

Cooper is not without some past issues though.

She has had some issues with the NCAA.

Prairie View A&M was hit with four years of NCAA probation and three years of scholarship restrictions in 2008 for violations that occurred during Cooper-Dyke's first season at the school in 2005-06, including small amounts of cash given to players. The NCAA ruled Cooper-Dyke hadn't been educated properly on its rules before her first season in college coaching.

I am not going to worry about this at all. If the NCAA says she wasn't properly educated then fine by me.

Here are some highlights.

Welcome home Coach!