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Tony Bland is coming to USC

Is it safe to say game on!?

Andy Enfield is 2 for 2.

He pulled Jason Hart and now Tony Bland is leaving SDSU and he is coming to USC.

Opportunity knocked, and Tony Bland didn’t immediately answer. Didn’t want to.

He ultimately did, though, and San Diego State’s lead basketball recruiter formally accepted an offer Wednesday to become associate head coach at USC under Andy Enfield. The former SDSU guard who regularly tweeted things like #Aztecforlife called it "the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life."

Bland was offered the job Thursday shortly after arriving in Atlanta for the Final Four, and Enfield wanted an answer that night.

Bland asked for a day to think about it, then another and another and another.

Hard not to understand his difficulty in his decision.

Steve Fischer is Bland's mentor and Fischer gave Bland his shot.

SDSU's loss is USC's gain.

You don't get to the tournament without good players...I have a hard time believing that this crew won't get their share of good players.

It is early yet, but it is hard not to be excited at the possibilities and the future.

Enfield has a long way to go and it won't happen right away but I give this staff a pretty good shot at making some noise in Southern California.

Welcome Coach Bland!