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Larry Scott has some 'splainin' to do

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Larry Scott's incompetent officials had their sights on Arizona's Sean Miller...

Pac-12 coordinator of officiating Ed Rush told a group of referees the day before that game he would reward them with $5,000 or a trip to Cancun if they assessed a technical foul to Miller or ejected him from a game, reported Monday. Rush then reiterated that statement the following day.

Whether Rush was being serious or trying to make a bad joke, it creates the perception of bias when the Pac-12's head of officiating suggests a particular coach be treated differently than his colleagues. The only thing worse is that the Pac-12 is bolstering that perception by at least initially standing behind Rush.

In a statement to, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott classified what Rush said as "comments in jest" and insisted the referees in the room "realized they were not serious offers." Scott said the league investigated the situation but made no mention of further discipline for Rush, saying only that he has "discussed the matter with Rush [and] taken steps to ensure it does not happen again."

I am not the biggest fan of Sean Miller, but in jest or not, officials can't even joke about any level of impropriety, not in this post Tim Donaghy age, not with the NCAA under fire for shoddy investigations.

I find Scott's comments troubling because his lack of action will perpetuate the appearance of bias.

Larry Scott doesn't get it... the Pac-12 continues to be the laughing stock because of its poor officiating. This just exacerbates the situation.

I thought Larry Scott held a lot of promise. Guess I was wrong.