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Tim Floyd Meets with Pat Haden


Interesting article in the LAT this morning...

Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd said Monday night he has had a meeting with Athletic Director Pat Haden in which they discussed the Trojans basketball job opening.

Floyd said Haden had contacted him, and the three-hour meeting "went well."


Floyd was hired by USC in 2006 and resigned after the 2009 season when the school was deeply involved in allegations of improper conduct involving both the football and basketball team.

While the NCAA found no violations committed personally by Floyd, the NCAA penalized USC for alleged actions by star player O.J. Mayo, who played one season for the Trojans.

Floyd said it was important his former players and coaches know that he had talked to Haden.

Even though it was a 3-hour meeting I see this nothing more than a courtesy.

Even if he wanted to, I just can't see Floyd coming back...too many questions.

And with Pat Haden's penchant for playing it safe I don't see him having any really interest in Floyd.

Haden may have been picking Floyd's brain as to the best direction to take in filling the position or his opinion of Bob Cantu. I also see it as a legitimate reason in "clearing" Floyd's name like was indicated in the piece.

I won't deny that there were some fun times when Floyd coached the team, but I think the Floyd ship has sailed, I am just not seeing this as a viable solution.

But if Haden is interested that would be a an interesting turn of events...but lets where things finish up first.