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Matt Barkley or Geno Smith?

Steve Dykes

Lots of rhetoric out there about who the first QB will be taken in this years draft.

Some (McShay) have said that none of this years QB's are first round talent. That really is hard to know...its early yet, so only the teams know what fits in their grand plan.

Still comparisons are being made along with predictions as to who the better QB is. breaks it down.

It's hard to find an NFL team that doesn't project Smith as a starter. At least a few, though not necessarily -- or even close to -- a majority, see Barkley as a backup. After those two, major question marks pock each prospect.

There's no other position where beauty is quite as much in the eye of the beholder as it is with quarterbacks.

When I asked a second AFC college director the same question late last week -- about whether or not Smith could be passed -- his immediate response was, "I'd say 'No,' based on the ones I've seen. (Smith) has the most impressive body of work, he throws it well, has the arm strength, makes good decisions and has mobility and accuracy. And I don't think it's a strong enough group as a whole for anyone to pass him."

Then, given a moment to think more globally -- and outside of his own impressions -- the college director altered his tune, without changing it all together.

"If Barkley goes out there and has a great pro day, and with the great intangibles he brings, he could do it," the second college director said. "I like Geno better on film, but Barkley might fit someone's offense better."

I have to go with the opening premise of the is just too soon to know.

The Wilson/Kapernick style is the new in thing. But NFL defenses always find a way to adjust and come up with an answer.

Barkley had a down year this year and some of his skills are good, not great (speed, arm strength, etc.) but with the right coach in the right scheme I think Barkley can be successful.

I don't know enough about Smith to know what his game is like.

More important for us here is that Barkley's down year in 2012 is having an effect on his draft stock. Physical attributes aside, if Barkley was more consistent and balanced in his production there is no question that his stock would be up. I get the feeling many see him a s a bit of a project.

Again, its all speculation at this point but observations are being made.

'Tis the season...