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Haden moves at a snails pace as UCLA hires Steve Alford

Any time now Pat...


Hard to know if the Alford hiring across town is a good thing or bad thing. Based on some of the comments it would appear that many across town are not thrilled.

Here are the particulars...

The agreement comes less than two weeks after Alford had agreed to a new 10-year contract with New Mexico that reached into the $2-million-per-season range, including base salary, bonuses and incentives.

"Steve is the perfect fit for UCLA," Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero said. "He is part of the storied history of the game of college basketball and understands the tradition and uniqueness of UCLA. Yet he also connects with a new generation of players and brings an up-tempo and team-oriented brand of basketball to Westwood."

The Lobos, beaten in their opener by Harvard, were in the NCAA tournament for the third time in four years, and their 29 wins this season were the second-most in school history.

New Mexico won 155 games under Alford, the only coach in school history to win 22 games in each of his first six seasons.

Alford's record in the tournament is spotty but he can recruit and seems like a pretty good coach, though his Iowa record is not stellar at all.

Alford had some issues there as well.

In the end it really doesn't matter...USC has different expectations as well as a lack of a hoops pedigree. USC is not going to grab whoever they want.

I really don't know if Haden has a plan...and that is what scares me the most.

At least the conversation will be lively!