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And the search goes on...Pitt Extends Jamie Dixon's contract

Back to square one for Pat Haden?

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Stayin' put...not that he was ever leaving.
Stayin' put...not that he was ever leaving.

I never thought Dixon was in the mix. All the rumors were just that...rumors. I wonder if it was feint for someone else.

We'll find out soon enough.

Just because Dixon is from LA and that his wife went to 'SC doesn't make him a good fit at USC, let alone a lock for the job .

Dixon getting his contract extended at Pitt seals the deal that he is not coming to USC...

So much for speculation that Jamie Dixon is leaving Pittsburgh.

Saying he wants to "finish his career" with the Panthers, Dixon agreed to a contract extension Saturday that will keep him signed through 2023.

There had been talk that the University of Southern California was targeting Dixon, a Southern California native, for its open job.

The Panthers went 24-9 this season and finished fourth in their final year in the Big East but were blown out by Wichita State in the second round of the NCAA tournament Thursday.

USC is a complete blow up and rebuild job. Dixon is not the guy to do that sort of heavy lifting.

USC is going to get a guy in the mid-range who will "build" the program and then move up the ladder to something better once his resume is padded.

USC basketball is NOT a sleeping giant. It will not draw the top, coveted names.

So much for the rumored multimillion dollar, 10-year contract.

I guess Ben Howland won't be going back home as has been widely by the folks across town. Dixon's decision affects both LA schools on the surface.