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USC Basketball Players Involved In a Fight in Spokane? [UPDATE]


Interesting news circulating via Twitter.

Here is the report one of the local Spokane media outlets...

Several members of the USC basketball team brawled in Downtown Spokane Saturday night, according to witnesses.

Police are now looking into those claims after four people were sent to the hospital because of the fights.

Witnesses list several basketball players who may be involved, but officers have yet to confirm any identities.

"I’m not going to guess at why, but there’s no justification for their actions. There’s no reason why," Noel Macapagal of The Wave on First Avenue said.

I am not going to speculate anymore than what the report says.

There must be a lot of frustration with the basketball team...I mean, why wouldn't there be? Coming off a great weekend against the Arizona schools USC wets the bed in Washington.

I guess it shows the players care, but this doesn't help matters.

More as we learn about it.

UPDATE: Monday, 2:45 PM