USC TE Junior Pomee in some hot water

George Frey

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Kiffin can't coach, he bungled the recruiting numbers in 2013 and now he has a player in trouble with the law.

"DPS officers responded to an intoxicated student who passed out in an alley behind the location," the entry said. "The student became combative when contacted by the officers and had to be physically subdued. The officers found the student in possession of a tablet computer and other property that did not belong to him and they subsequently determined that the items had been stolen.

"The student was then arrested and transported to [the LAPD’s Southwest Division] station for booking."

I thought Kiffin's guys were high in character?

I am being hard on Kiffin here I know, but this will be another thing that sticks to him.

Over/Under on how long Pomee stays with the program?


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