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Matt Barkley sits down with SI's Peter King


This is a pretty good interview of Barkley from Peter King...

He talked ruefully of his challenging sessions with teams. Teams can speak with players for 15 minutes at night during the combine, and Barkley had nine such sessions (Jets, Eagles, Steelers, Raiders, Chiefs, Bills, Jaguars, Cardinals, Bucs) and informal sessions with Seattle, Cleveland and Atlanta. "We watch tape,'' he said, "and I haven't seen one TD of mine. I've seen a lot of interceptions, and they want to know why they happen. I think a couple of teams wanted me to throw coaches or whoever under the table. One team gave me sort of a trick question: 'Would you rather ride the bench and win a Super Bowl, or be a starter and not make the Super Bowl?' That's a trick question, really. I just said, 'I want to be a starter. As much as I want to win a Super Bowl ring, I don't want one handed to me without deserving it.' ''

Several teams asked about a fight in the locker room while USC was at the Sun Bowl this year, and whether he was involved. "Other than breaking it up, and saying, 'Guys, let's calm down?' No.''

Not surprising that teams would point out the bad and not the good. They want to see how these guys handle the uneasiness of having to answer for their mistakes.

I did find Barkley's comments on the post game fight after the Sun Bowl intriguing, He basically confirmed a fight did take place. I am not surprised by this...sooner or later it was going to get out. I never bought the screaming and yelling angle that was put forth by some.

I heard McShay on the radio to say that Barkely doesn't have elite skills and an average arm.

We'll see, I think he goes in the first round but hard to know where.

Anyway, I thought this was a pretty good read.