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Lane Kiffin's Staff is Complete

Jamie Squire

After weeks of speculation Lane Kiffin has finally filled out his staff.

Over the past week or so he has hired the following:

Mike Summers - Offensive Line

Tommie Robinson - Running Backs

Mike Ekeler - Linebackers

Here are the other changes to the staff...

Additionally, Kiffin announced that James Cregg will remain as offensive line coach, while associate head coach/special teams coordinator John Baxter will add the tight ends to his coaching duties and quarterbacks coach Clay Helton will add the offensive coordinator role.

""With so many young offensive linemen who will be so important to our success, I felt it was critical to have two coaches (Summers and Cregg) working with this group,"" said Kiffin. ""It was a natural step to have John Baxter work with the tight ends because he has coached that position for much of his career. Clay Helton has been vitally involved in our offense in his time here and spent last season as the passing game coordinator.""

How Cregg still ha s a job is mind boggling.

Having two OL coaches is a perplexing as well, I know it has been done at other schools but 'SC has so many other issues, especially on defense, that this leaves me scratching my head. We have a total of six offensive coaches and three defnsive coaches.

Will Helton be allowed to call plays or will it be in name only just like Polamalu?

If this is Kiffin's last stand it will be interesting to see how this all works....could be his own Little Bighorn.