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Coach Orgeron Staying Put


I really have no idea where the all the commotion over this came from. There have been a few rumors out there that Ed Orgeron was possibly leaving USC.

A lot of it probably had to do with negative recruiting, while some of it probably has to do with the current issues with the coaching staff.

Coach O set the record straight today.

Ed Orgeron stated today, "I'm a Trojan. I'm a Trojan and I'm not wavering from that. I'm here. I made a commitment to Pat Haden, Lane Kiffin, and the USC family. All I need to do was leave USC one time. In fact, the last time I left USC, I was on the plane and I wanted the plane to turn around; I wanted to come back. My wife and my family talked about; if we ever get back to SC, we're not leaving. I'm here."

I have no idea what the future holds. Nothing lasts forever.

Coach O may decide one day that he wants to do something else or he could get the itch to be a head coach again.

I will worry about that when it it actually happens...for now Coach O is staying.