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USC "calls out" Scott Wolf

There is finally a pulse in the SID Office

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I find this interesting.

Wolf writes a piece slamming Kiffin for the whole Kennedy Polamalu situation, with many "unnamed" sources. USC then uses the Ripsit blog to correct the "inaccuracies" in Wolf's piece.

You can't make this stuff up.

I have read a number of comments on the boards by supposed insiders as to reasons that Polamalu was "dismissed". Anything from KP challenging Kiffin to KP having personal issues and everything in between. There are really just two people who know the truth, Kiffin and Polamalu and until either one or both of them comment it's all speculation to me.

What I find interesting is USC actually addressing the alleged inaccuracies in the article and using the Ripsit blog to do it.

Full disclosure, I am not a fan of Tim Tessalone. We clashed a few years back when I tried get someone access to practice to represent Conquest Chronicles. Tessalone didn't like the way I approached it and who my choice was to get credentials. I did it more for the person than I did for the access...Tessalone saw right through what I was trying to do and he was pissed. There are more details on this but I am leaving them out intentionally. To me Tessalone seems behind the times when it comes how news is gathered and disseminated. You simply can't dismiss the world of sports blogging in the news, opinion and commentary that many blogs put out.

On the flip side USC is not happy with me either. They didn't like my piece on Nikias a year or two ago. I was called by a representative from Nikias office expressing his and Nikias' displeasure for the piece I wrote. Nikias actually read the piece I was told. I stood by the piece and refused to take it down or clarify anything further in it.

I guess I am on their radar screen.

Pat Haden made a comment about the blogosphere in one of his recent post season interviews and how he doesn't pay much mind to it when it comes to Kiffin. I would disagree, they clearly pay attention otherwise I would not have got that call from Nikias' people.

I am having a hard time understanding why USC always picks the wrong battles. Like him or not Wolf will always get support from The DN big wigs if for nothing more than a journalist doing his job. USC already bungled their attempt to suspend Wolf over his reporting of injured players this past season, this just makes them look more petty.

It has already been shown that Wolf has an axe to grind against USC so why give him more pub?

Why didn't USC call out the other media entities over the years for their lack of accurate reporting in the Reggie Bush mess? You know when the clowns at ESPN and elsewhere said USC actually paid for Reggie Bush's house. The firing of a popular coach is not the narrative to challenge when the school as a whole is being accused by supposed responsible media personalities that the school directly committed rules violations with regards to Bush.

I don't know what is accurate or not in this latest Wolf piece, but given his inaccuracies in the past none of us should be surprised if Wolf got some things wrong here.

Using the Ripsit blog is even more of a sham. They do a nice job on getting info out about USC Athletics but this rebuttal should have come directly from the SID's or the AD's office. Put your name on it and own it!

The rebuttal shows how Haden is "all in" with Kiffin.

I am not a fan of Kiffin firing Polamalu but in the end it is his choice how he wants his staff to look. If Kiffin flops this season he is probably gone so there is a cause and effect. Whatever Kiffin's reasons are for firing KP, legitimate or not, Kiffin won't get a pass because of how he managed other situations in his tenure here and elsewhere. Haden has mismanaged Kiffin from the start. This past season has shown the effects of not managing Kiffin effectively regardless of how short the leash supposedly is.

Kiffin is toxic and everyone knows it. Locking Kiffin down behind the scenes might have produced different results and nobody would have known.

If Kiffin didn't like it, what was he going to do?



I feel like the Keystone cops are running this operation.

I feel like it will get worse before it gets better...I really hope that is not the case.