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11 Reasons A School With 11 National Titles Should Never Rush The Field

USC fans storm the field
USC fans storm the field
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Neither of us is going to like this article, but for entirely different reasons. You're not going to like it because I'm "not fun" and because "who are you to judge how people celebrate?" I'm not going to like it because it's a list disguised as an article. But, then, I figure if Trojan fans can have done something not fitting their character in the last few days so can I. So I give you 11 reasons a school with 11 national titles shouldn't have rushed the field after beating Stanford.

1. You were favored against Stanford as recently as LAST SEASON. This isn't DII Appalachian State at top-five ranked Michigan.

2. You were a THREE POINT underdog, at home. This isn't Hoosiers or Remember the Titans. USC was supposed to lose by three points, that's hardly even considered an upset.

3. Everyone injured in your mad dash to celebrate a game in which you were only a three-point underdog. Including those who had to be taken off on stretchers. So while most people will remember the night as "that time we rushed the field" a group of others will remember it as "that time I was almost trampled to death by thousands of coeds."

4. USC hasn't suffered a losing season in TWELVE YEARS. How have things been so bad lately everyone needed to storm the field?

5. In the last decade USC won six BCS bowls, two national titles and lost a third. But I'm sure it's been so difficult to root for that team that a win against freaking Stanford deserved storming the field.

6. Going into the game USC was 59-29-3 against the Farm. Oh, you'd lost four in a row to Stanford? Cool, you still have a THIRTY GAME advantage in the all time series.

7. You spent all week making fun of Stanford's program for being amateurs, and all game day holding signs making fun of Stanford's program for being amateurs. Then you went out and stormed the field after beating them. Something that, oh, I don't know, Stanford would do after winning a game.

8. You're Goliath. Rushing the field and giving Brent Musburger reason to say things like "The Trojans are relevant again" (LOL) makes you look like David. All you're doing is acknowledging Stanford's place in a hierarchy you claim starts and ends with you.

9. Again, you have SIX BCS wins in the past decade. In what world have you been suffering enough to need to let out all your frustration by storming the field, after winning a game you would have claimed you were supposed to win before kickoff?

10. It's not like you were ranked 120th in the country scoring the first win of the season. You were ranked 30th and already getting votes to rejoin the nation's top 25. But sure, lets keep pretending it was George Mason making the Final Four.

11. You want to talk about "arrogant nation?" and winning being a fact of life? Fine. Then act like you've been there before; because you're USC, and you have. Often.