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USC Fires Women's Soccer Coach

Ali Khosroshahin led Trojan Futbol to their first NCAA title in '07, but has been unable to post a winning record in the last three seasons.

Daily Trojan

If you thought Pat Haden's extreme makeover of the Trojan coaching staff ended with Lane Kiffin's departure, you were wrong. Women's soccer coach Ali Khosroshahin was fired on Friday following a 4-1 defeat to UCLA and the end of USC's third consecutive losing season.

He leaves McAlister Field with a record of 82-53-15, but just 21-33-5 since 2011. The highlight of Khosroshahin's career was in 2007, when the Women of Troy defeated Florida State 2-0. Amy Rodriguez, who is now a member of the U.S. National Team, scored 10 goals that year and was named the top offensive player of the NCAA tournament.

But in recent seasons, a lack of offense production has plagued USC. The Women Of Troy have regularly found themselves in games where they get significantly more scoring opportunities than their opponent but fail to capitalize and lose after their opponents score on swift counterattacks and set pieces. USC got off to a strong start against OOC teams, scoring four goals in each of their first three games and going 5-3-1 to start the season. Then they hit a wall in Pac-12 play, going 3-7-1 and finishing in 11th. USC has not finished higher than sixth in the conference in the past three seasons. Overtime has been a problem too, with USC going 6-8-5 in OT games in that same span.

If USC wants to get back in contention in a conference dominated by UCLA and Stanford, they'll need to find a coach that can help their forwards be more selective with their shots in the offensive third and fill the passing lanes more effectively. One of the reasons why USC couldn't convert is that many of their shots were easy for opposing keepers to save. Taking advantage of holes in the defense and keeping composure in the box will also help USC reach the potential that so many coaches and Pac-12 Network analysts say has been lying dormant within them.

And with that track coach change came multiple changes on the track staff, including a new cross-country coach. Heritage Hall isn't the only thing being renovated this year. The question is...will Haden's hires bring these SC programs back into the title mix?