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Bye Week On Campus, Coliseum Fever Still Rampant In Our Hearts

The Trojan program has traditionally been one of the more notable ones in college football. During the past five years however, the program and its prized facility seem to be at a crossroads. Sanctions against the school affected the product on the field & an aging stadium was affecting the fan experience during game day.

Stephen Dunn

Here is an official review on the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and all the amenities that engulf the Los Angeles culture on Saturday's for plenty of high-flying USC Football.

Official Review by Drew Cieszynski, Stadium Journey Regional Correspondent, who has also covered Angels Stadium, Dodgers Stadium, LoanMart Field, Pauley Pavilion and the Rose Bowl, which scored lower than the Coliseum.

Remember that USC will host its first-ever weekday homegame, that did not lie on Thanksgiving, this week against Arizona which is also Ed Orgeron's first game as interim head coach. Besides these short blips on all the rankings, make sure to read and possibly discuss the full explanation of the best and worst parts of the Coliseum experience.

Food & Beverage 5

The concessions at the Coliseum are rather dynamic as the lower concourse is mostly filled with temporary stands.

Atmosphere 5

The University of Southern California Trojans have had a track record of unprecedented success and as a result, leave many of the competitors in awe.

Neighborhood 4

The stadium is a few minutes from downtown Los Angeles, so your food and beverage options are far above and beyond most other schools in America.

Fans 4

The USC fans clearly carry a chip on their shoulders from all of the aforementioned success. It really creates some great banter with all of the opposing fans. Let's face it, these "villains" of sport make the game much, much better.

Access 4

There is not a single large parking lot, but rather multiple satellite lots (with 20,000 spaces) that are typically priced based on proximity to the stadium.

Return on Investment 5

Extras 5

If the Olympic rings and arches weren't enough, check out the "Olympic Gateway" in front of the Coliseum. Created in 1984 by Robert Graham, this structure rises 25 feet above ground and has headless male and female bodies made of bronze.

Final Thoughts On the Overall Coliseum Experience:

Despite being one of the oldest facilities in college football, it appears that the Coliseum still has many more chapters to be written. Now that the University of Southern California controls the facility, what changes are ahead? Certainly the school will look to enhance the facility to increase revenue, but will the enhancements come at the expense of the average ticket holder?

Naming rights, modernized concessions, and luxury suites are just a few possible changes on the horizon. Fans and local residents alike will look forward to what's ahead.