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Chip Kelly stays at Oregon


I said on Twitter last week that I thought Chip Kelly would stay at Oregon.

My reasoning was simple. Kelly probably wanted full control. No NFL is going to give that to a college head coach, no matter how successful, without some experience in the NFL. I just don't see current players buying into his schtick. The NFL does things a certain way, Kelly would have a hard time teaching an old dog new tricks.

Not in this day in age.

I think it would have been fun to see how Kelly's game fit into the NFL...but maybe some other time.

I also don't think that Kelly would have the same "success" in the NFL that he has had at Oregon. While some teams have adopted some of Kelly's tactics, I think the NFL would have a hard time adopting Kelly's philosophies 100%.

Kelly might have seen that on top of not getting full control, so it was easy for Kelly to walk away.

I think Kelly staying in CFB and the Pac-12 is great for the sport.

Kelly may have the NFL itch, but its not that irritating that he needs to scratch least not now