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About those "fair minded folks" at the NCAA

The NCAA has a credibility problem

Indy, we have a problem!
Indy, we have a problem!
Tyler Kaufman-US PRESSWIRE

I would not get your hopes up but to absolutely no surprise to no one it would appear that the has been doing some shady dealings going on.

The NCAA improperly retained Nevin Shapiro's attorney to work on depositions in a federal bankruptcy case in order determine NCAA violations, a source close the case told

It would be improper for the NCAA would hire the attorney representing the subject of an ongoing investigative process. That attorney is believed to be Marie Elena Perez. It is also thought that the NCAA's involvement in a federal case that has nothing to do with the government's interest in that case could be cause for concern for the NCAA.

The discovery has prompted NCAA president Mark Emmert to call for an external review of the entire enforcement program. The review will not only include the current issue in the Miami case but also "the overall enforcement environment, to ensure operation of the program is consistent with the essential principles of integrity and accountability."

"To say the least, I am angered and saddened by this situation. Trust and credibility are essential to our regulatory tasks," Emmert said in the official release. "My intent is to ensure our investigatory functions operate with integrity and are fair and consistent with our member schools, athletics staff and, most importantly, our student-athletes."


To quote an old movie line..."I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!"

I guess those fair minded people that Pat Haden has so much respect for aren't so fair minded after all.

Trust me, this isn't the NCAA's first offense at this type thing. They went against their own rules in the USC case so we really should not be shocked.

One thing that I find intriguing though. The NCAA went the extra, albeit corrupt, mile to nail Miami. the very school where the corrupt Paul Dee hailed from and from where Mark Emmert's old buddy Donna Shalala is currently university president. They weren't playing favorites there, so I guess there is that.

I don't see Haden doing anything though. He has no hard proof that this sort of thing went on in the USC case and he won't get anything like that until the McNair documents are released, sometime later this year if at all.

I would get a kick out USC going to war with the NCAA on just this alone. Why not force the NCAA's hand, heck just take 25 kids and make them try and stop you. I would be in the front of the line to back Haden on that. What's the NCAA going to do? Sue USC? That will take a while and by then they McNair documents should be released

Oh well, this should be fun to watch.