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Pat Haden Speaks

Interesting article in The LAT


Not uncommon for this time of year, Pat Haden sat down with the LAT for a public State-of-the-State address.

I am not going to try to break it all down but one passage did stand out to me...

Meanwhile, Haden and USC are monitoring a lawsuit filed against the NCAA by former running backs coach Todd McNair in the aftermath of its Bush investigation. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled in November that emails between an investigative committee member, an NCAA worker and a person who works in the agency's appeals division "tend to show ill will or hatred" toward McNair and that McNair has shown a probability that he can win his defamation claims. The ruling is under appeal.

"If the facts come out as have been suggested we would probably reconvene and have a look," Haden says.

Suggested by whom?

Those of us who have followed this from day one?

Don't get your hopes up folks. This passage by Haden may give some supporters hope that USC will take on the NCAA. I see this as a case of Haden understanding that his comments in the past have been tone deaf and have pissed off a number of the programs supporters.

The BOT may take a look but they won't do a thing...just like Haden has indicated in the past.

Haden doesn't score points in my eyes with comments about money not being a concern in the search of a new men's basketball coach. He didn't he take the same position with the baseball team?

Why not give Cantu a shot at the hoops job? He has been loyal to USC through all the crap of the past 7 years. If he doesn't get it he will move on and will use all of his LA contacts against USC.

I can't think of a potential head coach with strong ties to LA who would be interested in the USC job.

Let me say this...There is little that Pat Haden will say to change my mind at his ineptness in this position. He has offended many fans with his comments. There is just too much water under the bridge with some of his comments since he became AD. So, I admit my bias.