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Monte Kiffin headed to Dallas

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Monte Kiffin signed on as the Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator.

Kiffin, who turns 73 next month, resigned last month from the staff of his son, Lane Kiffin, USC’s head coach. The Kiffins coached together for three seasons at USC and one at Tennessee.

Kiffin previously announced his intention to return to the NFL, where he worked as a highly regarded assistant coach and won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay in 2002.

The Cowboys fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on Tuesday and might be in line for a major defensive change. The Cowboys ran a 3-4 scheme under Ryan but Kiffin prefers a 4-3 defense and his Tampa 2 scheme

Monte had his moments at USC...sadly to me they were few and far between.

I just never saw any consistency in how the defense performed.

We wish him luck.

As an aside, the rumor is that Pendergast (and possibly Barry)are being considered as the new DC.

We'll see...