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D.J. Morgan has knee surgery

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This might be a small controversy.

D.J. Morgan had arthroscopic knee surgery today.

USC Coach Lane Kiffin confirmed Wednesday that sophomore tailback D.J. Morgan would have knee surgery. Morgan had tweeted his status earlier in the day.

Morgan, who started two games in 2011, rushed for seven yards in his only carry Saturday in the Trojans' 49-10 season-opening victory over Hawaii.

Morgan had reconstructive surgery on his right knee after suffering an injury in high school. Kiffin did not specify if Morgan reinjured the same knee or how long he would be sidelined.

Sounds like a little clean up surgery.

There were some that called this "minor" knee surgery today.

Not likely, as there is never anything "minor' about invading the body for a surgical matter how small.

But that aside, that is not what made this slightly controversial. Morgan Tweeted, the Tweet has since been deleted, that he was indeed having surgery today. That is contrary to the policy that USC and Lane Kiffin have adopted in not discussing the injuries of players.

That is a policy that I completely support. High school and college level players should have their privacy protected because they are not under the same type of rules that the NFL is.

Now, if a player chooses to discuss his injury status that is indeed his (or her) right. The coaching staff might not like it and they might want to urge the player to keep it quiet, but ultimately it is the players right to discuss. I can see why the coaching staff wants it keep opposing teams from game planning against those injuries, especially with USC's scholarship numbers down.

This is a sticky subject.

I really only care about the players health, how the player goes about it is not my business, it is ultimately the players call.

Hopefully this procedure makes Morgan ready as the season progresses.