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Kiffin on McKnight Allegations - "not even registering with us"

<em>Not even on the radar screen...</em>
Not even on the radar screen...

Lane Kiffin is not worried about the Joe McKnight Allegations.

Kiffin, in his third season as head coach, said he was aware of the report before top-ranked USC defeated Hawaii, 49-10, in its season opener. The Trojans were "completely focused on the game," he said, and would be again this week as they prepare to play Syracuse at East Rutherford, N.J.

"It's not even registering with us, as far as this football team and what we're doing," Kiffin said, during a teleconference, of the McKnight situation.

This not surprising in the least.

Kiffin has worked too hard the past 2-plus years at rebuilding the programs chemistry...he is not going to allow the actions of a former player, a player that he had nothing to do with, upset the apple cart.

Kiffin knows his program is clean. The USC administration knows this program is clean...heck even the dimwitted NCAA knows it.

This is Pat Haden's issue to address. Haden sent a conciliatory tone to the NCAA when USC lost the appeal, lets see if he gets his money worth with how the NCAA deals with it. As far as I am concerned Haden can go ahead and vacate the wins under McKnight's tenure...I mean its not like they mean anything.

As unpopular as it sounds, I could not care less about a former player who willingly broke the rules...especially when he knew the program was under the NCAA's microscope for the Reggis Bush mess. Same thing goes for for Davon Jefferson.

It's nothing personal but its not like these guys do a whole lot for the program since their departure.

Just curious, anyone thing McKnight will be on the sideline at the Meadowlands this Saturday?

I doubt it...

As and aside, in the coming days I hope to have a piece up on the McKnight/Jefferson situation. Just some thoughts that provide some clarity, both good and bad.