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Kiffin's comments on Barkley's performance


These are Lane Kiffin's comments on Matt Barkley's performance at last nights conference call...the MP3 of this call has not been posted like it usually is on Sunday night. And after reading the comments I doubt it will be.

These comments are taken from the OCR...but if you read Wolf's take in the DN you can see where Wolf is getting his revenge on Kiffin by stoking the controversy.

I will let you be the judge....

** Kiffin said quarterback Matt Barkley is "pretty beat up mentally and physically" after being hit "more often and harder than he’s ever been hit while we’ve been here."

** Kiffin said Barkley’s two interceptions on consecutive plays were "probably two of his worst decisions in our three years together."

Maybe its just me, but does this hole feel like its getting deeper with that second comment?

I guess I don't have a problem with Kiffin's candor but that comment does not feel right. Having not heard the call for myself did Kiffin take any responsibility for some of his decisions in this game? It is not enough for Kiffin to say he was responsible in having the team prepared in regards to the two personal foul penalties and critique some of the things that went on in that game.

Hard to know until I hear the call myself.

Like I said, you be the judge...