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Taking them Lightly? Randall Telfer has some thoughts

<em>This was not the seen yesterday...</em>
This was not the seen yesterday...

Interesting comments from Randall Telfer on yesterday's loss...

"We tried to take them lightly ... that's probably the reason why we lost," USC tight end Randall Telfer said after Saturday's game, which the Trojans indeed lost, 21-14. "They're a really good team and we kind of maybe expected it to be handed to us, when that really wasn't the case."

Telfer started for the Trojans and caught four balls for 20 yards. In a candid moment after the game, he admitted USC underestimated Stanford -- without placing blame on any specific players or coaches.

"All around, we probably weren't prepared as we should've been for this team," Telfer said. "They're a really good team."

We have seen this before. These are kids after all, We can't expect them to act like long time experienced players everyday.

For all of the "saying the right things" that we have heard, maybe some of the players bought into the hype.

Hopefully those who read too many press clippings will get the message.