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Scott Wolf Ban Lifted

Not surprising...


Scott Wolf tweeted out recently from ‏@InsideUSC == I am happy to say my football practice ban was lifted after talks with Pat Haden and area sports editors. Practice policy talks continue ... I want to thank everyone (journalists, fans friends) for their messages of support today

The Original Blog post:

What could backfire on Lane Kiffin must be good enough for his former Trojans coaching mate Steve Sarkisian.

As Kiffin, head coach of USC's football program, continues to refuse to give injury updates on his team -- and has made good on a threat to ban reporters from reporting them by misguidedly punishing Daily News reporter Scott Wolf this week -- Sarkisian, the head coach at the University of Washington, laid down a similar edict today.


The sanctimonious "privileged" press still don't get it.

Even if it is unpopular Kiffin and Haden can set the rules that they want. It is their choice to create a firestorm if they see fit.

Yeah, this didn't look good but it is not my problem. Haden and Kiffin are big boys, I am sure they can handle the heat.

Sounds like the message was sent...but was it received??

Here is the policy...


Media who attend a USC practice are asked not to report on strategy or injuries that are observed during the course of watching that practice or result from that practice. … In other words, if USC is running certain formations or plays, please do not report that. … Also, if players cannot participate in practice because of injuries or are injured during practice, please do not report that. … USC allows media access into all of its practices, and those practices are closed to the general public, and therefore USC asks that the media not disclose information that is observed or learned that could put USC at a competitive disadvantage to opponents. … Media who cannot abide by this request could be denied access to practice.

Seems self-explanatory. I am sure Wolf broke the rules anyway.

The insufferable press...looking at you Dennis Dodd, who threatened to hurt schools (USC?) with bad coverage if the press was excluded from practice.

I guess the agenda has been exposed.

OK, I'm bored with this...