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USC bans Scott Wolf from practice for two weeks

Scott Wolf is a polarizing individual.

Over the years he has antagonized USC fans and he has written things that have been outright C.J. Spiller coming to USC.

He has taken the coaching staff to task as well as some in the higher administration.

The list is endless...

Simply said Scott Wolf has pissed a lot of people off over the years.

So when it was announced that USC banned Wolf from practice for two weeks and pulling his credentials for Kal game that made news.

According to the L.A. Times, USC has suspended L.A. Daily News reporter Scott Wolf from two weeks of practices and revoked his credential for the Sept. 22 home game against Cal.


Because Wolf reported an injury, which is against USC's policy.

In August, issued a policy telling media that it was not to report on injuries or strategy during in-season practices. But on Sunday, Wolf wrote this:

USC kicker Andre Heidari underwent surgery last week to repair a torn meniscus in his knee and will be sidelined about three weeks.

Heidari suffered the injury in the season opener against Hawaii and did not accompany USC to its game against Syracuse on Saturday. Walk-on Alex Wood filled in for Heidari and kicked six extra points.

Coach Lane Kiffin does not discuss injuries and has not said what sidelined Heidari or when he will return.

Granted, this doesn't appear to be something that was practice-related, but rather something Wolf got from a source or maybe even another player. Regardless, USC said it violated the policy and made an example out of Wolf.

I don't have a problem with the injury policy that USC has put in place.


As many of you know, I work in the healthcare industry. The amount safeguarding that is now taking place to protect patient privacy is staggering. I see nothing wrong with it...people have a right to privacy. The hoops I have to jump through just gain access to patient care areas is incredible.

But if the patient (player) discloses that info then the patient (player) loses some of that privacy. We saw that with DJ Morgan. Even if he deleted the tweet, Morgan put it out is fair game.

I am not foolish enough to think that the reason that the school instituted that policy is to protect the patients rights. It is clearly more about not letting opponents get any extra info to help their game plan when they play USC.

USC sets the rules. It would appear that Wolf broke those rules and this is the punishment.

I don't see it this as censorship.

But It does concern me that USC is going down this road...the next step is closed practices for everyone. I know the NCAA cleared the sidelines but this is mission creep if I ever saw it. I don't have to worry, Tessalone doesn't like me and I have no intention of asking for credentials...keeps me objective and open to criticize things I don't like without the fear of losing access.

But you can see the possibilites here.

If Wolf wasn't such controversial person with regards to his relationship with the school I could see giving him a warning or banning him for a day or two, but Wolf has burned up so much good will it is not hard to see why the school dropped the hammer...regardless if this decision is right or wrong.

Shutting out your "enemies" in the press is as old as the press itself...sooner or later Wolf was going to get nailed because of his contrarian methods.

As of this writing there is supposed to be an update on this later today. We'll see what happens...